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Jun 22, 2012 11:58 AM by Blackfeet Nation

Blackfeet Nation announces $550 per capita payments

The Blackfeet Tribal Business Council (BTBC) has announced that it approved $550 per capita payments to be sent to all Tribal members on or about June 28th, 2012.

In a press release dated June 18, the BTBC says that it selected that amount because it represents ½ of the $19 million settlement.

With about 17,000 Tribal members, the per capitas total over $9 million.

Blackfeet Tribal Chairman T.J. Show said in the press release, "The BTBC asked for input from Tribal members as to what we should spend the $19 million on. We received an avalanche of responses with many, many great ideas. Some said it all should go to our youth, others said it should all go to per caps, some wanted debt paid down, others wanted to better fund programs and projects. After giving much consideration to all these great ideas and requests, we decided the fair and responsible thing to do was spend half on per caps and then stretch the other half as far as we can."

The $19 million settlement is from Tribal Court of Claims negotiations, which the BTBC completed earlier this year.

The settlement is separate from the Cobell v. Salazar case which is still in process.

Officials say that they hope that checks will be available for pick-up and mailed on June 28th, 2012, but said that given the short notice, limited staff, and that the General Election will be held on June 26th, this is not a definite date.

Visit BlackfeetNation.com for updates on the actual date.


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